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June 27, 2020
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The National Women in Blues does not get in to religion or politics. Our mission is uplifting female blues artists. One thing we are aware of is the history of blues and after speaking with an amazing group of African American Blues women about the current Black Lives Matters movement, we recognize this to be a humanitarian issue and want to have those difficult discussions with the blues community via a livestream event.

We will livestream a panel discussion available to the public on Facebook, YouTube and on/through Stream Yard, Monday night, June 29th 7:00PM EST - 9:00PM EST / 4:00PM PT - 6:00PM PT.

This panel discussion will be about the Silence of those who have yet to speak up for the BLM. It is time for all of us to raise our voices and not just stand quietly in support. We invite anyone who wants to explain why they do or do not speak up and discuss this issue that is hurting the souls of the sons and daughters of blue musics origins. Our Chief Bottle Washer, Michele Seidman will moderate and insists on courtesy and manners at all times. Please expect to hear opinions you may or may not agree with. From slavery to a systematic situation that POC deal with daily, you may hear many things that are difficult. From bigotry to micro aggression. We hope you can join us to learn and continue these thoughtful discussions with friends once the panel concludes.

Michele’s Statement: Standing on the front line of a recent BLM protest I saw first hand a silence that bothered me to the core. Supporters drove by and honked their horns loudly, while others gave a head nod or a slight raise of their hand. It was as they wanted to show support but do it quietly without others noticing. With the fear POC have lived with in this country for hundreds of years, I see the reason to ask those who stay silent or quiet to start being louder. This will be my mission and I am continuing to ask questions and do research to prepare.

If you have info you think should be included on how the silence has been deafening and disheartening, please let us know or join in on the panel. Monday night, June 29th 7:00PM RST - 9:00PM EST / 4:00PM PT - 6:00PM PT.

Some of the blues women who will be joining the panel include, Erica Brown, Teeny Tucker, Diunna Greenleaf and more. We do invite blues women to join and would love to hear from white artists on this panel.

TOS - Rules for the Panel:

  • 1) Agree to disagree before name calling
  • 2)Trolls will be punted from discussion threads (after being screen shot with the risk of those posts being shared with all rights allowed from a public discourse, shared through a public forum)
  • 3) Cancel culture talk NOT allowed. We do no good harming others, when trying to lift anyone else up.
  • 4) All opinions are those of the person who speaks them and no other person or entity.


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Monday night, June 29th 7:00PM RST - 9:00PM EST / 4:00PM PT - 6:00PM PT

Monday night, June 29th 7:00PM RST - 9:00PM EST / 4:00PM PT - 6:00PM PT